Village Council

The village council was elected on October 6th 2002 for a period of 5 years. The seats are divided among the political parties as follows:

13 ÖVP, 7 SPÖ, 1 FPÖ

Members of the Village Council and their respective departments:

Franz Hoanzl
MayerWerner Kemetter
1. Vize MayerFranz Wagner
2. Vize mayer:



Independent Councillor

Each village of our municipality has its own Village Manager for the mayor’s assistance. In Neusiedl this function is held by the 1. vice mayor.

Kukmirn: Kropf Franz
Limbach: Fandl Willibald
Eisenhüttl: Sinkovits Siegfried
Neusiedl: Kemetter Werner