Churches and Parishes

In the municipality Kukmirn Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians are equal in number. In the village of Eisenhüttl, an originally Croatian settlement, there are nearly 100% Roman Catholics, whereas in the village of Kukmirn about two thirds of the population are Protestants. Within the last years a few members of the Muslim confession have settled here.

Kukmirn has a Roman Catholic parish church with daughter churches in Limbach, Neusiedl and Eisenhüttl. In the Protestant church we have a similar situation, the parish church is in Kukmirn and daughter churches are in Neusiedl and Limbach.

First evidence of Protestantism of the Augsburg Confession dates from 1524, that was in the reformer Martin Luther’s life-time. At that time a bookseller who was distributing Luther’s work, was arrested in Neusiedl and immediately burned at the stake.

Today Pfarrer Mag. Gerhard Gabel is in charge of the Protes-tant parish in Kukmirn. Head of the Roman Catholic parish is Geistl. Rat Prof. Karl Strobl from Gerersdorf.