The area of our municipality is part of the hilly and terraced region of Southern Burgenland/ Eastern Styria. The average altitude of the villages is 240 meters, the highest elevation (Hofweinriegel) in Kukmirn is about 380 meters. Yet we speak of “Bergen” (mountains), meaning the settlements scattered round the villages Kukmirn, Eisenhüttl, Limbach and Neusiedl.

In the fields on the valley-floors corn (Kukuruz), wheat and soybeans are grown, in the „Bergen“ there are large orchards, vineyards, meadows with fruit trees, fields and forests with a great variety of trees.

Fruit growing has had a long-standing tradition. From a land-registry document of 1339 we learn that people at that time already grew fruit. Arboribus pireis, pomorum et cerasarum are mentioned in the document, that are pear trees, apples and cherries. Nowadays fruit growing is vital branch of local agriculture.